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Our Businesses

What We Offer

Energy efficiency, Pure, Clean , Safe, Fresh, Comfort, opportunity , facility, growth , Business , value and more..


Viva Cleaning Services

We provide our customers with professional service that would exceed all expectations when it comes to quality of service, commitment, and value.


Viva Employment Services

We'll help Qualified , Skilled Talents to become gainfully employed through education and networking with local companies.


Viva Solar Power

We supply quality Solar Water Heater, Solar Street Lights, Solar Fencing, Solar Ups and Solar Home Lighting. Which made us a leader in the industry


Viva Facilities Management

Viva Facility management encompasses all the activities for integrating business administration, behavioral science, architecture, and engineering science.


Viva Digital Marketing

Our solution consists of creating a fully integrated digital marketing strategy that ultimately helps consumers find what they are looking for.


Viva Financial Consultancy

Our Financial & Performance Management services help you to improve your organisation’s performance in every area of the enterprise.